We help provide Aboriginal children with a positive sense of self, a desire for learning, and opportunities to develop as successful young people.


AHS prepares Aboriginal children for their school years by supporting their spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.


Parents, guardians and extended family are supported as the child's first and most influential teachers, and the wisdom of elders is valued.


Our projects are locally designed, locally controlled, and administered by non-profit Aboriginal organizations.


Aboriginal Head Start directly involves parents and the community in the management and operation of projects.

Portage Aboriginal Head Start

1500 Saskatchewan Ave, West
Portage La Prairie, MB

Telephone: 204-239-5853
Email: pahskids@mymts.net

Portage Aboriginal Head Start has an AM Ojibway session and a PM Ojibway Session with a maximum of 20 children in each session. We accept children from 3 to 5 years of age. Priority is given to the 4 year old children. If you would like to put your child on the waiting list please call our office at 204-239-5853.